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Energy Storage System Solution

Residential Solution

Installing solar on your home is a proven, safe technology to generate electricity and reduce your carbon footprint. No negative impact on global warming AND solar modules will prevent the emissions of CO2. Solar systems do not make noise and cause no pollution in operation. Clean Solar energy is clean, silent, and freely available, making it the ideal solar solution.

Commercial Solution

Whatever your reasons, whether financial, environmental, or marketing driven, empowering your business to be more energy independent with a commercial solar system is a wise choice. It enables the business to operate on fixed energy expenses and provides the business with more flexibility to grow in the future, and that is the real power.

Mining Industry Solution

Provide supplementary power to mining operations, to reduce their overall, long-term operating cost, and subject to a client¡¯s requirement, provide the financial engineering to minimize up-front capital outlays and ownership concerns providing inexpensive and reliable solar solutions to any company using diesel generators or connected to a weak and expensive grid, solutions for hybrid photo-voltaic plants, particularly in the mining sector.

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