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Since photovoltaic meet stored energy, our life is becoming more wonderful. The flexible configuration and convenient working mode encourages its diversified application in households and commerce. The increasingly improved safety and reliability of grid system as well as better grid service further boost the utilization of distributed solar power generation as it is a renewable resource.

Shenzhen AROSI Equipment Co., Ltd is a storage energy company focusing on PV industry. We are located in China, a photovoltaics production base with high technology and cost leadership. From separated solar components to integrated energy storage solutions, AROSI¡¯s products are featured with high conversion efficiency and high safety performance. The user-friendly installation and prolonged service life gains a good reputation among household users and industry & commerce clients.Concentrating on storage industry, the company plays it full use of brand enhancement and tentative solutions.

Shenzhen AROSI Equipment Co., Ltd has built up a talented and energetic technician team with adequate professional knowledge and practical experiences domestic and abroad. Operating company under an international modern enterprise system, AROSI offers qualified and certificated products. Our operating system and products are certified by national authority.

Our products are widely used in the following applications:

1. Civil energy storage system: solar system, battery storage system, smart house appliances, remote monitoring system and off-grid solar power system in non-electricity, power shortage & unstable electricity area.

2. Commercial energy storage system: micro-grid storage solar system, building intelligent city with diversity of solar energy.

Industrial energy storage system: mine and solar complementary storage system, intelligent grid, improving power generation efficiency and powering stability.

Nowadays, we have our products exported in large quantities to Thailand, Senegal, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand. We are always maintaining our clients¡¯ trust through advanced technology, forma procedures and good service.

In the future, AROSI adhere to the mission ¡°providing the optimal and sustainable photovoltaic storage solution to more households and commercial clients¡±.We are grounded in photovoltaic business, designing high-performance products to constantly meet client¡¯s needs.

Using the most cleaning and abundant solar source in the nature to lighten every corner of the world, AROSI hope every household and commercial users can enjoy the gift from green energy.

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